E&H Library Interlibrary Loan Policy

  1. Definition
    • An interlibrary loan is a transaction in which a library material, or a copy of the material, is made available by one library to another upon request.
  2. Purpose
    • The purpose of interlibrary loan services is to obtain library materials for our patrons that are not available in E&H Library and to lend materials from our collection to all eligible requesting libraries.
  3. Conditions of Service
  4. Interlibrary Borrowing
    1. This service is offered to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Emory & Henry College. It is intended to support Emory & Henry College-related professional development and academic research. For research leading to a degree from another institution, patrons should forward their requests to the degree-granting institution.
    2. All other patrons not currently affiliated with the College (i.e. community borrowers, alumni, ministers, etc.) are encouraged to use their home libraries for interlibrary loan service. Students from other institutions should use the library located at the institution where they are enrolled.
    3. Loan Materials
      1. The following materials are usually available for interlibrary loan:
        1. Books
        2. Photocopies of periodical and newspaper articles from hard copy, microforms, or digital
        3. DVDs and CDs (this is determined by the lending library)
      2. Most libraries will not ordinarily lend the following types of material:
        1. Rare or valuable material, including manuscripts
        2. Bulky or fragile items that are difficult or expensive to ship
        3. Material in high demand at the lending library such as new books and best sellers
        4. Some types of audiovisual materials
        5. Reference items
      3. Material that will not be borrowed:
        1. Materials owned by the Library (unless the Library's copy is missing or checked out)
        2. Materials for class such as textbooks and Course Reserve use
        3. Whole issues or volumes of periodicals
        4. Any materials the Library Staff determines are in violation of copyright laws. Copyright law does not allow more than five articles from one journal title published within the last five years, or more than one article per patron from one periodical issue published within the last five years. Copyright permits only non-commercial use.
    4. Borrower's Responsibilities
      1. Each patron is responsible for checking the Library's holdings for the item in the catalog or Journals by Title list before requesting it on interlibrary loan. If you need help with your research, please ask a librarian.
      2. The patron must submit requests for materials through the ILLiad interlibrary loan system.
        1. When filling out the online form, bibliographic information must be complete; incomplete request forms or requests for items already in our collection will be returned to the patron.
        2. The source in which the citation was found must be included on the request form.
      3. Patrons may not share copies of items received through interlibrary loan, except under the terms for Copyright Fair Use.
      4. There is no cost to our users for this service unless the lending library charges a fee. If the amount is more than $5.00, the charges will be passed on to the patron or faculty member's department.
      5. Patrons may have no more than ten interlibrary loan books or returnable items checked out at one time. As these materials are returned the additional requests will be processed.
      6. Loan Period
        1. The loan period for interlibrary loans is determined by the lending library, but is usually at least two weeks.
        2. A renewal period is determined by the lending library. Library patrons may request a renewal in their ILLiad account up to 3 days prior to the stated due date .
        3. All interlibrary loan items borrowed for students in the fall or spring semesters must be returned by the due date and no later than the last day of class.
      7. Overdues
        1. Loan periods and use restrictions are set by the lending library and must be strictly observed.
        2. Patrons who fail to return physical interlibrary loan materials by the specified due date will have their interlibrary loan privileges blocked.
        3. The patron is responsible for fees, determined by the lending library, for book damage, loss, or non-return.
    5. Turnaround Time
      • Articles usually take 2-5 business days to arrive; for books, 3-7 business days. The time needed to obtain an interlibrary loan is dependent upon the difficulty of the request, proximity of the lending library and the amount of requests to be processed.
  5. Interlibrary Lending
    1. E&H Library lends materials to other libraries without charge. Requests may be received via email (ALA forms).
    2. The following materials will circulate for interlibrary loan purposes:
      1. Books (excluding reference books, fragile and irreplaceable materials in the Helen Power Special Collections and College archives, the Popular Reading Collection, the Denham Poetry Collection, or new items less than six months old).
      2. Copies of periodical and newspaper articles. Requests for Copies must indicate compliance with copyright guidelines.
    3. Loan period to borrowing libraries
      1. Materials will be loaned for a period of eight weeks (56 days).
      2. No renewal of materials will be made without permission of the Interlibrary Loan Supervisor.
      3. Depending upon the condition and format, some items may be restricted to 'in library use only.'
      4. The Library reserves the right to recall an item at any time that it is needed by our patrons for research.
    4. Processing of Interlibrary Loans
      1. Service will be given as speedily as conditions permit. A two-day turnaround time for requests received from other libraries is the goal of our interlibrary loan staff.
      2. Interlibrary loan books will normally be shipped by UPS to Virginia academic libraries or the U.S. mail to all others. Photocopies will be sent by Odyssey or email.
    5. Fees
      1. Fees are not charged for lending books or photocopied materials.
      2. Fees are not charged for borrowing materials, unless the supplying library charges.
    6. Overdue Materials
      1. When an item has been overdue for one month, it will be recalled from the borrowing library.
      2. If an interlibrary loan material has been damaged or lost, a bill will be sent to the borrowing library requesting payment.

  6. Virginia Cooperative Borrowing
    1. The Cooperative Borrowing program allows students, faculty, and staff at VIVA (Virtual Library of Virginia) institutions to borrow materials on-site from any participating library. Patrons may use their home institution's ID cards. Patrons may return the materials to the lending library, or return the materials to the nearest participating Cooperative Borrowing library. It is strongly recommended that users contact the library for hours and access policies before visiting.

  7. Suspension of Interlibrary Loan Service
    1. Interlibrary loan service will not be available anytime the College is closed.